thumb Robert HookeDo you know who is Robert Hoook...?

Let study the introduction and the legend of Cell through some questions. This section is not much elaborated in your text book. Though it is well explained with pictures in your Teachers' Instruction Manual for Grade 10 Science. So pay a careful attention...!


question markWho observed the Cell first?

  • Robert Hook observed
  • in 1665 (year not needed)


question markWhich Cells he observed?

  • He observed the Cells of a Cork

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question markHow did he observed it?

  • through a microscope
  • He used a thin section of a cork for this


question markWhy did he name it 'Cells'?

  • He observed numerous chambers/strong<
  • Similar to beehive
  • He named these chambers as Cells



This is all about the Legend of cell.After the invention of Microscopes by Anton Van Leewan Hook, there happened alot of new discoveries...
We are about to learn the 'Cell theory' in our next session which is a conclusion of such discoveries made on Cells.
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