Thinking positively is really very important in the journey of A/L science stream. In the path of A/L there is always ups and downs. 

Since we are humans, sometimes our mind utters..

"I couldn’t study well. I'm not going to make it out in A/L’s.
I'm going to give up….. Bla bla bla".

In this case I'm also not an exception. I had the same feelings sometimes.

I have a experience of second shy.
(Although I entered medicine with my first shy results due to results problems in 2011.)

  • 1st shy ABB Physics - A , Z-Score 2.11
  • 2nd shy, 3A - Z-Score 2.1455 - Island rank - 237

As I able to get 3A's in A/L 2nd shy, I believe I'm eligible to answer your question.

Well these are some tips which I followed myself when I was doing 2nd shy. I hope that these tips may help you.

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1. Everything happens for the best

When I was doing my 2nd shy I strongly believe that "I'm doing 2nd shy and it happens for the best of mine". Even though I couldn't realize it during that time, I just believed and now I realize that it happened for my best.

I did 2nd shy and that's the main reason for what you are looking at right now, Without doing the second shy I wouldn’t have built iStudyroom or I wouldn’t be able to give you advice about 2nd shy.

In other words, you will not realize that "2nd shy has happened always for your best" until the right time comes. So just calm yourself, study hard and wait for “the moment”.

I believe in God. God says that he really loves us more than anything in this world. So he knows that what is best for us and he knows that when he should give it to us. So we just have to be patient, keep calm and make the effort . God will give us the best on the right time.

So believe that, "2nd shy is always happened for your best ".


2. Think Positively  

Thinking positively is really very important in the journey of A/L science stream. In the path of A/L there is always ups and downs. Since we are humans, sometimes our mind utters

"I couldn’t study well. I'm not going to make it out in A/L’s.
I'm going to give up….. Bla bla bla".

In this case I'm also not an exception. I had the same feelings sometimes. Even I got that kind of feeling few weeks before my 2nd shy in which I got 3A’s.

So when you get such feelings, when your mind negatively motivates you or demotivates you, you should fight against it. You must calm yourself, stop your mind from uttering negative things.

Just remind yourself that this feeling is a typical feeling almost all of the A/L students get due to the stress they feel.”

 Think positively that however you are going to make it out.

“Throw out all negative words from your dictionary”

Getting A’s in A/L exam is really difficult because it is a competitive exam. So when you are studying, there will be a constant stress. You should face it and overcome them with positive thoughts. So that you will easily earn the success.


3. Keep in touch with who already succeeded.

It is really important to keep in touch with those who already succeeded in the path you are going on.

For example, if you want to enter Medicine and to be a Doctor, then keep in touch with someone who is already entered the Medical faculty. The importance of it is, when you keep in touch with them you get a constant motivation from them. The motivation will help you to gain the energy to study so hard.

Keep contact with them and get some advice from them often. They already went in the path you are going and they succeeded. So they know how to resolve most of the problems you are having regarding studies.

But keep in mind, when you get the advice, analyze them and get the best out of it. In other words, you may not be able to follow each and every steps they did. Also when you get advice from two different people, most of the time the advices of both are different in between. You can’t follow everyone’s advices/ideas at once. What you have to do is to analyze them and find out the best for you and follow them. For example person A may say “I studied early in the morning everyday”, and person B may say “I studied late night”. In this case you have to identify the appropriate advice for you and follow it.

But there will be some basic rules which you MUST follow in order to get 3A’s. If you like it or not you will have to follow them. For example “Doing past paper and being very good at them is very important to get A’s”.

So analyzing the advices is really very important.


4. Correct the mistakes of past.

You must identify the mistake you have done when you were doing your first shy. It is very important, because those are the things which prevented you from getting good results. Take a piece of a paper and write the mistakes first. Then find out the solutions for it.

For example, these are some of mistakes most of them do.

  • Spend lots of time with my mobile phone/ computer/ tablet.
  • “I’ll study later, I’ll study from tomorrow” - Post phoning studies always.
  • Easily giving up if can’t find out the answer for a question and getting upset.

The mistakes we do is different from person to person. So most of the time one person can’t solve the problems or mistake of yours. You have to solve your own problems with the help of the advices.

“Every mistakes you correct will break the barrier of success in A/L”


5. Follow tuition classes for all 3 subjects.

You don't have to follow a theory class if you feel satisfied about the notes & theories which you already have. But following a paper class for all 3 subject is must. Because, then only you will be able to go/study with a flow. Otherwise without a tuition you will not be able to study in an organized manner!

One of the student whom I know in person got “A” in a subject at his 1st shy. Because he got an “A”, he didn’t follow any tuition classes for the particular subject, but followed classes for other two subjects. Finally he did his 2nd shy and results came out. In 2nd shy he got “2A’s” & “C”. “C“ is for the subject he got “A” previously and didn't follow any tuition.

So better to follow a tuition!


6. Find out the art of studying of every subjects.

You can’t study every subject in one particular way. Because each subject has their own features. For example, Physics is a subject where you have to understand the concepts via questions. But biology is all about remembering things in a particular manner.

Since physics is all about understanding via practice, you can focus more on physics at the beginning and focus less on biology. When you understand the concepts in physics, most of the time you will not forget them. So because you don’t forget it so easily you just can focus more on biology when exam is near.

I studied biology according to the “4R Rules” of mine.

  1. Read – Read the notes
  2. Recite – Recite it without looking the book.
  3. wRite – Write all notes in very short form and write in the way how doctors write(very fast, not clear & only you can understand what you study).
  4. Rewrite – Rewrite the sections you are confused or not satisfied with.

The 4R rules is all about connecting your motor neurons with your studies. When you do it, the things really goes inside your mind.

Likewise find out yourself the features of the subjects and study them according to how they should be studied.