This is one of the important article I wanted to write and which took me a great amount of time to make it so simple, so that you will understand very easily. Read it and remember the important quotes. That will help you to recall this article.

"Self-discipline is the basic rule of success."

You would have heard and learned many rules of success, even you would have your own rules of success. Kop Kopmeyer was a legend in the field of success and achievement. Throughout his experience he has filtered 1000 principles of success and put them in 4 books, 250 principles each. He says "Self-discipline is the basic rule of success".

What is self-discipline?

"It's the ability to control one's feelings and do what should be done to overcome one's weakness." Or
“Your ability to make yourself do what you should do & when you should do whether you feel like it or not, is the key to success.”

In other words self-discipline the basic rule because without having self-discipline you can’t consistently follow the other rules of success. To follow the success rules day to day, you must have the self-discipline.

Everyone knows the path to success, even you know how to be successful. But what everyone doesn’t know is how to be self-disciplined and to follow that path of success

Sacrifice - “the ability to discipline yourself.”

To have self-discipline or self-control, you need to do sacrifice. Sacrifice means “the ability to discipline yourself.”
With your every sacrifice always there will be a “Short pain”,
but in few years when you reach your ambition you will have the “long gain".
If you don’t want to sacrifice now/today and want to do something you should not be doing, it’s a “Short gain”.
But eventually when your results comes you will have the “Long pain”.

“Short pain, long gain. Short gain, Long pain.”


Let’s say for example you decided to do,

  • 1 MCQ from physics just before going to bed or
  • study everything what you studied that day before going to bed.

Self-discipline is doing what you planned, every day consistently what ever it happens. But most of the days you will be lazy or very sleepy. Sacrifice is keeping away the laziness/ finding a way to get rid of sleep and completing your task without postponing it.


“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”

“Everything is difficult before easy.”

Begin to discipline yourself little by little. Put a plan to studies. Make it so simple. Never make it too complex. When you start to discipline yourself for about 30days you can make the study plan little bit more complex. Think twice whether the plan is practical or not. The plan should be a practical plan. That means you could be able to follow that plan for the entire year until A/L exam comes.

Latest research says it takes about 66days to rewire the brain to install a new habit. In other words when you practice one discipline for more than a month, you will be doing it automatically afterwards. Automatically means for example just think about what you do when you get up from your bed. You will go to the washroom and wash your face, brush your teeth then come out and pray or drink your tea. Everything happens automatically in an order because you have trained your brain every day to do it. It will be the same when you train your brain to discipline yourself in something else. It will take about 66days.

However what I am asking you to do is to change yourself to be self-disciplined person. As I said before “All change is hard at first, messy at the middle and gorgeous at the end”. Remember that quote. It is same like a caterpillar change into a gorgeous butterfly. Whatever it do, it must face a messy part in the middle of the change. Like wise you can't change yourself without facing the messy part. butterfly

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