Just before when I was thinking about A/L study period this idea popped up in my mind. It's basically a small math.


  • Average age of living is 70 Years
  • The A/L study period is 30 months (2 & 1/2 years) &
  • A student complete his A/L in his 20th age.

Then student have 50 years left to live after his A/L.

You know very well that your 30 Months of A/L period decides how your life is going to be in next the 50 years.

If I simplified the math to think more easily,

30 months A/L : 50 Years of life
3 months A/L : 5 years of life
3 months A/L : 60 Months of life
1 month A/L : 20 Months of life
30 Days A/L : 600 Days of life
1 Day A/L : 20 Days of life

From the simplified math, 1 A/L day you are going to spend is going to be equal to 20 days after your A/L life. 

When you study hard & sacrifice for 1 day, it give you 20 days to be happy and enjoy your life.

"1 Day of Hard work & Sacrifice = 20 Days of happiness of achieving your dream"

  • So do the sacrifice now and be happy after.
  • Don't waste much time on entertainments.
  • Increase your study time.
  • Be disciplined with your schedules.
  • Always study with a plan.
  • Say "No" to everything drag you away from your dream.
  • Be positive, be motivated & be determined to achieve.
  • Do/Study the hard things first.
  • Tell your dreams to "lazy you" and throw him away.

"Be willing to do what's hard now to enjoy what's beautiful later" - Robin Sharma

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