There are some subjects, although we study them good enough, we used to forget it quiet often. I had the same problem. I think the problem will be solved if you understand the nature of the subject.

Inorganic is a subject where we have to remember hundreds of small pieces of data. So forgetfulness is a usual thing when coming to inorganic.
So never ever expect to remember the entire subject as you remember other subject.

Now we understood that, inorganic will often fade out from out minds. 

So the problem now is how to imprint the inorganic data in the mind for the long term memory? or How to remember inorganic for a longer time?

Let me explain this with a very simple example. Now lets say that you are studying the following sentence "Copper solution is blue in color".
When you study that sentence, a new nerve pathway will be formed inside our brain within the neuronal network.

  • If you use that new nerve path again and again, the path is going to be stronger & faster
  • But if you don't use that path again for a period of time, that path is going to fade away or disappear.

That is what science says.


So how to use the new nerve path again and again?

There are lots of data's in inorganic. Primarily we have to remember the most important things that is usually asked in past papers.
So it is always better to do the past paper. When you do the past paper, you will have to recall the important things again and again. i.e Use every single important nerve pathway again and again.

Lets say that you have used 1000 nerve paths today while doing past paper & recalling your notes. And lets say that 80% of the nerve connections are stronger. That means the 80% of what you study are somewhat you knew very well.
So rest, 20% of the nerve connections are new/weak. If you can identify the weak connections, i.e the facts that you really don't know, then you can make the connection stronger by using some strategies.

One of the strategy what I used to follow.


  1. Take an A4 paper and fold it paralel to long edge. (So it is easy to carry around and maintain for a ling period of time).
  2. When you come across the 20% of the weak connections, just write one keyword that will lead you to recall the fact. (Don't write more than one keyword. Because you have to keep it simple and easy to use. Keeping it simple will help you a lot to recall everything very quickly.)
  3. So now you have all your weak connections in a piece of paper. Now what you have to do is to use the nerve pathway again and again to make it stronger. So as usual when you finish studying or when you take a break. take the folded A4 sheet with keywords and go to the bed. Just by looking at the keyword try to recall the facts.
  4. Do it again following morning as soon as you get up from the bed. If you still have some facts that you think you might forget, just recall it few times and put a red mark on it. So that you will identify it easily.
  5. File it, and keep it in an order. So that you will be able to use it again.
  6. After a week take it again and do the same procedure.
  7. So when you collect every A4 sheets you made while you study inorganic, you have your entire weak connections in few A4 sheets. Now you can recall every single weak connections of yours prior to every exam very rapidly.

Note: You will have to use and recall the keywords in each of the A4 sheets at least 5 times. Otherwise when you take it after a long time, just prior to exam, you will not be able to recall the keywords. So please use it more than 5 times.

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Same prb i hv got b4.nw nly saw ds post.jazakallahuhra .rly hppy
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Can u upload d block short notes