When you learn the mechanism of studying physics, it becomes so easier to approach it and swallow the inevitable failures. These are 3 tips that helped me to get an "A" in physics. 

1. Paint it bad and Fast

When you draw an art, you start with rough outlines. Then you add details to it. Finally, you add colors. What if you start by adding colors from the beginning without having an outline? It doesn't work that way, right?

It is the same way you have to master physics. When you study mechanics for the first time, you will barely understand anything. It's like drawing a rough sketch of your image.

Then you study the material again via questions. The questions will guide you on the details of the art. The more you fail, the more you start to understand.

The more iteration you do, the better you get. The more questions you do, the better you get. But unfortunately, you can’t finish learning physics. You can omit nearly 20% of the most important areas of your notes to get an "A". That means even when you get an "A" for physics, your knowledge map will look like something like this.

2. Fail first. Succeed later.

When you start to study a chapter, don’t force yourself to master it on the first go. In fact, the only way to master it is to do it again and again, each time you try to improve a little bit.

Though I got an "A" for physics, it was really hard for me at the beginning. I can remember the days on which I was really upset and jealous of my friends who could understand the questions better than me. Some of my smart friends easily answered the questions that took me ages. I couldn't even understand the basic questions. But the more you try, the more you practice, the better you get.

The more time I invested on physics, the better I got. Later on, since I was practicing a lot, I got better than my friends.

3. Be humble enough to fail

Have a glance at your notes. Then do the questions. Don't spend too much time trying to understand each and everything on your notes. The questions will guide you on how you should be approaching your notes.

Do the questions. But fail! Get the wrong answer. The more you fail, the more you understand your weak spots so that you can address them. When you can't answer a question, be humble enough to ask your friend. And be humble and kind enough to teach your friends what you know.

Questions will slowly and painfully help you to become better at physics.

When you approach the questions for the first time, do it according to the specific sections. Talk to your seniors or your friends or even search iStudyroom. They might be having categorized MCQs according to the sections.

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