This is quite an unusual story. Recently I met a 3rd-year medical student who is not willing to give up no matter what. 

He couldn’t enter the medical faculty even after doing A/L 3 times. His family didn’t have the money to send him to a foreign medical faculty. But he didn’t give up on his dream. He entered a local nursing faculty. After several years he completed the nursing degree while having the burning desire to become a doctor.


When I talked with him, he shared his insights on how he managed to do all of these things.


“I wanted to become a doctor. Fullstop! There are no other alternatives. I was a smart kid in my A/L’s. But unfortunately, though I attempted to A/L in the biology stream 3 times, I couldn’t enter the medical faculty. Unfortunately, I’m from a middle-class family and I didn’t have the money to go to a foreign university to study medicine.”, he said.


I was so curious about how he managed to eventually enter a foreign medical faculty if he didn’t have the money. So I directed my questions towards it.


“Since I didn’t have the money, I started to apply for foreign scholarships. But I was very unlucky. I didn’t have any options to enter a medical faculty at that time. So I had no choice but to enter nursing college with my A/L results.”


“I painfully completed the nursing degree and started to work as a Nurse in one of the popular government hospitals. Meanwhile started my own business in the hope of earning some money just to reapply for some foreign medical faculty. At this time my chance to enter a medical faculty was very low because at that time I was 26 years old. My age itself is the reason why many of my applications were rejected. Not only that, my business didn’t do well either. I had to change my business several times because they were not profitable at all.”


“When I become 26 years, by now I have applied for around 150 scholarships for foreign medical faculties. I did everything in my power to make it happen. I even tried to meet some politicians to help me. But none of that helped.”


“I wanted to become a doctor no matter what. But I knew that I was failing the battle. The chance of getting into a medical faculty is very little because most of the younger people with fairly good results are competing against me.”


“On one fine day after applying for more than 150 applications, all my dreams came true. I got into medical faculty. They accepted my request following looking into my burning desire to become a doctor. Since I did part-time jobs I collected some money. But still, it was not enough. I applied for a big loan from a bank.”


“Now I’m studying at a major university in Asia. Since I didn’t give up and since I tried to use all the available opportunity I was able to get into a medical faculty.”


Indeed it was a unusual success story. As soon as he completed his story, I asked “is it ok if I share it in my blog?”. He agreed with it, but he requested not to share his identity since it might get him attention while he in his critical period of learning curve in his medical faculty.

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