Stressing out during examinations is a common thing. But it is important not to allow it get out of control.

A bit of stress can be a beneficial thing because it stimulates our body's sympathetic system and help us to work hard. But if exam stress gone out of control, it may cease us from doing our best in the exams. Therefore it is crucial to understand and diagnose it, and recover from it.
Following questions are some of the examples which is the reason for producing stress during exam. Did I study enough? What if I couldn't finish all my syllabus? What if I do badly in exam and fail? These activates bodies several reactions which produces annoying feeling and causing stress symptoms like not be able to sleep or eat properly.

Prolonged Stress Symptoms
If you are having stress for a long time, following stress symptoms may occour.

Difficultness in getting to sleep or getting up in the morning
Continuos tiredness or fatigueness
Poor appetite or Couldn't eat well.
Increased anxiousness and temper
Increased heart rate
If you have detected 3 or more than 3 of the above symptoms and you may have experiencing stress and you may need to do something about it.

How to manage exam stress

You have to findout that when you are being stressed out. Have a break and if possible speak with someone who really knows the pressure you are under and and who already succeeded well in the exams. They will give you some advices that will really help you to overcome stress.

One of the main reason for stress is comparing ourselves with our friends. Do not comparing your abilities with your friends.When you compare yourself with friend you get irritated and finally stress. It slows down your studies. So rather than worrying about others just study. After exams you will understand how well it helped you to take a good results.

Every students revise their studies in different ways, so make sure that you have chosen the best revising method that works for you. Always make realistic plan and timetable. Be stick to it. That is the key to succus. When your time table or plans are not so realistic, you are going to end up in frustration.

Eat nutrious foods and keep your body healthy. Avoid the foods that may cause diarrhea or any illness in the body.

Sleep well. Get a good sleep for nearly 6 to 8 hours. (Minimum 6 hours). With a good sleep, you will feel fresh and you will be able to study & concerntrate well.

Take regular intravels when you are studying. Intervals are very important. That is the one which help us to be refreshed and study at our maximum level. Make sure that you are not distracted while your break.
When we study, we are looking at a very close object for a long time which produces eye strain. Look some where far away for a while. That will reduce eye strain.

Do excersice. When you do excersice you are triggering some neuro transmitters in the body like Dopamin, serotonin. Those neuro transmitters are the one which help you to feel happy and energitic.

What to do if you are stressed out at exam? If you experience stress during the exam, Lean back on your seat and control your breathing. Take deep breath in and out through your nose. When you take a deep breat in, count one to five and again you breath out do it. When you do this cycle several times you will feel a little bit better.
To avoid stress during exam, breath well. It will help you.

Do not look at your friends while the exam. Look only at your paper.