My 2nd Shy results 2AC, Should I do 3rd shy?

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I recently got a mail from a student.

I have done my A/ls for the second time and got AAC as my results. Sometimes I'm feeling to do my third shy so I'll be able to enter the medical college but I'm not much confident about that. Can you please advise me to choose my path. I got C pass for physics. I had BCC at my first shy. I have already improved chemistry and biology but not physics. I don't understand the issue with physics. I missed lot of marks from the mcq. Please advise me. Thank you.

This was my response. This might be useful for you.

Regarding your results, first of all, take a while and think for a moment,
- What is your passion?
- What is your ambition?
- What is your dream?
- Where do you see yourself in next 10years?

You have really good results in your second shy. That means doing 3rd shy or not is a major decision. You have to think well, analyze the situation, get help & advice from others and make the decision. Unless you are going to regret the decision for the rest of your life.

If you damn sure that you are not going to worry about not doing 3rd, and you can be happy and passionately enjoy your future carrier, then just follow your mind and go with the flow.

But if you planned to do 3rd shy, then these are my advice.
First of all, you need to follow the paper class for all three subjects. That is a must.
You got A for Biology and chemistry, that is awesome. But don't yet enjoy the victory. Put the same effort in 3rd shy. You will definitely shine.
Regarding physics
Physics was my favorite subject and I have an "A" for physics. Believe me, it is a subject that can be very easily tackled with an average intelligent, with an approach which is a little bit different from studying Biology and chemistry.
Come on. You got "C" for physics. It means you got more than 55 or 60 marks. You would have definitely scored more than your 1st shy. But you can't appreciate it since "C" is a range of marks.
You only have to score 15 or 20 extra marks to get an A. Come on, why do you give up?
Even you have identified some of your weakness in physics. You said "I missed lot of marks from the mcq". That's really good. That is a lead point, which you can grab onto, to improve your marks.
I enjoyed physics because usually, I did lots of past paper MCQ's. (I did 30year pass paper 4 to 5 times). The more you practice, you will definitely get good results. Click here to look at some of my articles that might help you.
How to get an A for Physics? Well, you already know the answer. For the past 3 years or so, so many people including your seniors, teachers would have advised you how to study it. Though you know how to get success, the only problems is people don't follow the success rules consistently. Just re-evaluate how you studied and how you should have studied.
Simply believe in your self. You can definitely get good results. I have seen students tanking 3C for 2nd shy and getting 3A with super merit in their 3rd shy. If they can do it, then why you can't? Come on


Happy to help you! :)

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