Zumra Uwais

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 Interested in Drawing, Interior designing and Studies....:)



 I'm always in a good mood as long as I'm with my books!



 A tiny drop of motivation is enough for me to touch the sky!!!

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 2A B




 Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College- Colombo4

Hindu Ladies College-Colombo6

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 All topics

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It's my pleasure to be a content creator & a web designer in istudyroom. I create contents mainly in A/L Biology & Chemistry. I use lots of tricky methods like mindmap, mnemonic to help you study the contents very eaily and quickly. I did A/L in Bio-Stream and My A/L results is 2A, B (Biology-A, Chemistry-A, Physics-B). Z-Score 2.16. My objective is "Help you to study A/L in easy methods".