1. Do a Forum Search!

Before you ask something on the forum, search for it. So you don't have to ask a question which is already answered.


2. Creating a new topic

Follow these rules to resolve your problem easily & quickly. 

  1. Select appropriate category & topic icon.

    1. Select the appropriate category for your topic.
      NB: Avoid putting the post on unsuitable categories.
    2. Then select an appropriate topic icon which suits your post.
  2. Type an appropriate Subject.

    1. Subject is the title of your post. It will appear on forum recent topics.
      Type a summary of your post in Subject. Make sure that it shortly explains your post.
    2. BAD - Subject must not be common/general descriptions. Because it doesn't clearly explain your post or it is not the summary of the post. Eg:
      • Doubt in biology.
      • Need note.
      • MCQ doubt.
      • Thondamanar paper.
    3. GOOD - Good Subject examples.
      • Nutrition - What is the function of Vitamin B12?
      • 2012/m/23 - Can't understand this friction question! (m-MCQ, s-Structure, e-Essay)
      • Thondamanar/g13/t2 - Fe reaction with H2SO4?
      • Need Inorganic chemistry HCl short notes!
      • Calculation - How to solved this chemical equation? 
  3. Message

    1. Describe your question clearly (with all required data).
    2. If you are asking questions from past paper/model paper/tutes , photo or text of the question must be attached.
    3. Don’t use any short form words as you type in SMS.
    4. Check for spelling mistakes.
    5. If you are typing a Tamil words in English letters, then please type it carefully and meaningfully.
    6. Don't know how to type in Tamil? - Click here How to type in Tamil - Tutorial
  4. Attachments

    1. Attach the file that is relevant to the post. (Pdf, Word, Photo, Excel etc).
    2. Attach a photo of the question! (It is better than typing the question).

    3. Once you attach a photo, click "Insert" Button to display the photo below your message in full size.

  5. Uploading Multiple images

    1. Upload all the images in one post.

      Tip: (Problem in Uploading? Use your smart phones Default Browser to upload).

    2. Don't insert the images into the Message by clicking "Insert".
    3. If you want to attach more than 10 photos(or attachments), or if you phone doesn't support multiple image upload, please follow these steps.
      1. Create the topic with adequate attachments. (If your device allows only 1 attachment at a time, just attach one).
      2. Click "Submit" and again go to the post and click "edit".
      3. Now you can attach some more attachments. Attach and "Sumbit".
      4. Do this process again and again until you upload all the attachments.
  6. Uploading whole exam papers/ebooks/tutes/notes.
    1. Single Pdf file is preferable comparing to uploading Multiple images.
    2. Follow this tutorial to create a pdf file using you SmartPhone. How to create a scanned pdf with your phone - Tutorial
    3. To create a pdf file on a windows PC - How to convert images to pdf file in windows - Tutotrail!

3. Requesting educational materials

  1. Educational materials includes, notes, exam papers etc.
  2. Be specific when you are asking. The post "Subject" should be as following.
    1. Good - Examples
      1. Need Royal College 2013 chemistry 1st term paper.
      2. Need ??????? ??????? notes.
      3. Need 2005 chemistry past paper mcq question.
    2. Bad - Examples
      1. Need notes.
        Why? - The Subject is not specific. Members will be lazy to click your post.
      2. Need Mechanics notes.
        Why? - Don't ask the whole subject at once. Be specific of a section. Ask little by little.
      3. Need Royal college chemistry, physics, biology paper.
        Why? - Ask each subject in the separate post by creating a new topic. Don't ask all subjects at once. And be specific of the year and the term.
      4. Need model paper.
        Why? - Be specific of the paper, year & term when you type the "Subject".
  3. If you are requesting for a model paper,
    1. Request one subject in one post. (Look at the above examples).
    2. Subject must have the,
      - Year of the paper.
      - Term of the paper.
      - Month of the paper. (If available.)

4. Asking you educational doubts.

  1. One doubt per topic.

    1. Ask only one doubt in a topic.
    2. You can discuss regarding that doubt in that forum topic.
    3. Don't ask more than one doubt. (Which is not relevant to the topic).
    4. If you want to discuss something new, always open a new topic.
  2. One question per topic. (For Model/Past Paper & Tute Questions).

    1. Attach only one question per topic.
    2. Don't attach more than one question.
    3. The post with more than one question will be Deleted or Locked.
  3. Subject format - Asking doubts.

    1. Members must use the following abbreviations , (Don't use CAPITAL letters).
      1. Mcq - m
      2. Essay - e
      3. Structure - s
      4. Grade - g
      5. Term - t
    2. Past paper question format.
      1. Subject must have the following format - X/Y/Z - Q
      2. Don't change the XYZ - Q order.
      3. X = YEAR - Year should be 4 digits. Eg: 1994 (Don't use 2 digits like 94).
      4. Y = Abbreviation - Use the above abbreviations. (m/s/e)
      5. Z = Question number - Type the question number.
      6. Q = Question Summary - Type summary of the question.
      7. Following is a small tip on writing the Question Summary
        1. Look at the last sentence of the question.
        2. Get the keywords.
        3. Include those keywords with the question verb(what they are asking).
        4. Make sure that the summary is not a general statement like "doubt in weight".
      8. Examples of past paper format,
        1. 1992/m/32 - Summary of the question?
        2. 2011/e/4c - Summary of the question?
        3. 2013/s/1.1 - Summary of the question?
      9. Real examples,
        1. 1992/m/41 - ?????? ??????????? doubt?
        2. 1998/m/31 - C6H5COCl ???? ??????? ????????
        3. 1993/m/56 - Capasitor & galvanometer doubt?
        4. 1992/m/23 - How to find the frictional force?
    3. If you are posting a question from a model papers or tutes, then follow this format.
      1. Subject must have the following format - Chapter_name - Q_Summary
      2. Chapter_name - Write the name of the chapter. Eg: Mechanics, Lights, Sounds
      3. Q_Summary - Please read the above details in past papers.
      4. GOOD - Good examples,
        1. Mechanics - the Frictional force of the moving object?
        2. Organic - How to make the following compound from benzene?
        3. Core biology - True statement regarding ribosome?
    4. BAD - Bad examples for asking doubts
      1. 2003/m/4
        Why? - No question summary!
      2. doubt in capacitor(1993/56)
        Why? - No XYZ-Q format. Question summary is not an exact description of the question.
  4. Once your question is solved
    1. Edit your first post and at the beginning of the Subject add [Solved].
    2. Always thank the user who helped you and give feedback.
    3. Press the "Thank you" Button to motivate the user to help more.
    4. As soon moderators see your topic is solved, they will change the topic icon to green check mark & add [Solved]
    5. If your question is not yet solved and if moderator has add "[Solved]" to your topic, then please re-edit it and remove the "[Solved].


5. Replying to a topic.

  1. Replies must be appropriate to the topic.
    1. Don't chat about any else except topics opened for chatting. You can freely chat inside the "chit chat" forum category.
    2. SMS like short form words must not be used.
    3. Reply only if its necessary & relevant.
  2. Avoiding unnecessary replies.
    1. Type all you want to reply in one post. Don't use multple posts as you send SMS.
    2. If you type a reply and if you want to add something, just edit that post and add the things you want. Don’t create new reply for the things you just missed to mention in the previous post.
  3. Irrelevant replies.
    1. All irrelevant replies will be deleted.
    2. No member can post something offensive to the other members. Doing so will result in banning of the user.
  4. Bringing an old post to the top (BUMP = Bring Up My Post)
    1. When a forum post/topic seems to be important/useful to others, reply “Bump” to bring up the post.
    2. If your question is not answered for more than 24 hours, then you can bump your own question.
    3. You can't bump your own post which is less than 24 hours old.

6. Thank your button & Thank/post ratio.

  1. Thank you : post ratio.

    1. Thank you : post ratio is one of the very important data from which we calculate the value of the user.
    2. Based on this ratio some of the selected users of iSr will be given special ranks.
    3. Giving special ranking is solely depend on the decision of the iSr admin panel. 

7. Sharing contents.

  1. Copyright of sharing contentes.

    1. User is the copyright holder (original creator) of any content user submits to istudyroom.
    2. Users agrees that the post submitted to istudyroom does not violate or infringe the rights of any third person or parties, copyright holder, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights of a company, institution, person or party.
    3. If you are sharing something form a website, Please provide a reference link.
  2. Avoiding duplicate contents/posts.

    1. Don’t share what is already there in the forum or website. You can only duplicate something if you have a better version of it.
    2. Don’t share unnecessary things which are not related to this forum.
    3. If you are sharing study tips, please make sure that what you are going to share is not already in the forum posts.

8. Banning users.

  1. Types of banning.

    1. A ban could be permanent or temporary.
    2. It depends on the reason why the user is getting banned for.
  2. Examples of reasons for banning.

    1. Sharing unnecessary/ unrelated things.
    2. Breaking PM rules.
    3. Requesting educational materials via email or facebook!
    4. Not following important forum rules.
    5. Annoying of offending other members in the post.
  3. What if you are banned!

    1. If you got banned, you can find the reason by going to your profile page.
    2. Incase if you are permanently banned, you posts will not be removed. Only the offending things will be removed.
    3. What we remove is solely iSr admin panels choice.
    4. Please read Terms & Agreement of istudyroom. Every member of iStudyroom are agree to them when they sign up!

9. Private Messages(PM).

  1. Use of PM

    1. PM is not alternative for the forum. Don't ask your doubts via PM nor request educational materials.
    2. Use iSr Forum for every possible ways to get resolve your educational problems, so that everyone will get benefit from it, since everyone can view it.
    3. You can use PM service only for something personal.
  2. Offensive messages

    1. If a member behaves violently, threat fully or inhumanly in any conversation/PM, he will be banned.
    2. Please don't go for asking personal details in the PM.
    3. If someone behaves offensively, please report to the forum admins. They will take necessary actions.
  3. No unnecessary conversation in PM.

    1. iSr is a place to learn. We don't allow unnecessary conversations.
    2. Don't request personal details like FB ids or email addresses, phone numbers or send files to or via them.
    3. Never contact a user without a proper reason.
    4. Don't ask personal details from opposite sex. This is an educational website, thus we don't tolerate it.
    5. Don't ask unnecessary questions like "Where are you from?", "How are you?"
  4. PMs are tightly monitored.

    1. Administrators have the privilege to see the private messages, if necessary.
    2. If you send a message by breaking the forum rules and if someone reports you to administrator, the necessary actions will be taken.

10. Forum Moderators.

  1. Totally voluntary
    1. Forum moderator rank is given to the trusted senior users of the forum.
    2. They help us to maintain the forum in a very organized manner!
    3. When a user becomes moderator, they have some extra works to do with extra forum permissions.
    4. They can manipulate/delete the forum post of others.
    5. Every moderator is voluntarily accepts to help us.
    6. Decision making on accept the member as a moderator is solely on iSr admin panel. They can accept or reject any requests to be a moderator.
  2. Moderator user requirements
    1. Moderators are chosen by the admin panel of iSr according to their will and requirement.
    2. To become a moderator, a user should have following requirements(minimum). 
      1. Active member for more than 6 months.
      2. Minimum 500 posts.
      3. Minimum 250 "Received thank you".
      4. Thank you : Post ratio > 0.5
      5. Sharing quality contents.
      6. Have a good role in the forum and with admins.
  3. Want to become as a moderator?

    1. If you have the minimum requirements and if you would like to join iSr as a moderator, please feel free to contact iSr administrator. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    2. PS: Moderators are selected according administrators will.

11. Forum Disclaimer.

  1. Time management.

    1. We are not responsible for the time you are spending on iSr.
    2. Use iSr wisely for your studies.
    3. Overusing anything may lead to unsuccessful results. Manage your time wisely. 
  2. Parents.

    1. If you are a parent and if you like to contact us for something regarding your child using iSr, please feel free to contact via email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  3. Social Media

    1. We don't promote studies through SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS. It's our policy not to do so in order to prevent various problems related with social media!
    2. Therefore in our forum we don't allow users to involve in any kind of activities related to social media groups!