Policy Summary

istudyroom does not sell, tradegiveaway or abuse your personal information for any reason. Any information submitted by you is used for login details needed to gain access to this site or to identify you as a user of istudyroom.


General Privacy Policy

istudyroom employs a 'no spam policy' and doesn't sell, trade or abuse your personal informationin anyway. The information gathered by istudyroom is user submitted and only if the user chooses to submit that information. All information submitted at istudyroom is used for login, articles, comments, mailings (if/when available) or forum participation and nothing more.

You will not be put on any lists by submitting your personal information at istudyroom, nor will this warrant unsolicited mailings from users, staff or others associated with istudyroom.

All reasonable efforts have been employed to protect any personal information submitted by you and great care is used in respects to the use of said information.

Although, reasons to contact an individual arises from time to time, this contact only happens in extreme cases or when an individual expects contact, such as, forum communications, email or a response to a previously received email from you.

To stop users contacting you, Mailing you can be achieved by clicking on a link designed to remove your information or by contacting staff by way of the contact form on this site.

All participation on istudyroom.com is subject to this privacy policy.