I hate noise thumbDo you hate it too? Did you found..

Do you find uncomfortable to study with noise? Do you hate it too? Did you find any solutions for that?

I hate noiseWhile I was studying in 'A' Level's I used to be find this problem often. I couldn't concerntrate even a bit in my studies, if there is any noise. I always get frustrated with this problem.

Noise effects many students studies as it did to me. Surroundings is the main reason for the noise. In most of the times it's difficult to control or stop the noise or sounds which comes from the sorroundings.




Well, I found the solution to control the noise. I.e with my solution you can reduce the noise of the sorrounings (But it's not possible to make it null).

ear plug 1

"Ear Plug", is a awesome device which helped me in this problem to get succeeded. It really works and you can very easily get it from the shop.

Just go to a pharmacy and ask them a "ear plug to reduce the noise". Tadaaaaa...! You will get it.
It will cost nearly Rs.300 in Sri-Lankan money.


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