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Are you a good student...?
Do you wanna be a good and an efficient student?
Then here are some questionnaire items from a research.
Not all the research evidence is equally valuable, it has to be confessed. The attempt to locate the study habits which differentiates between good and poor students has not been very successful, because the results which hold good for one school seldom seem to apply outside that particular school. However, these questionnaire have been found to hold good on more than one student population.

If you check through the list and observe how much of your answers differ from the preferred answers, you will get some idea of how you should be and what a good student should do....



Preferred answer

1.Do you have a plan for work each day? Yes
2.If so, do you stick to it? Yes

3.Do you have trouble settling down to work at the beginning of a study period?

4.Do you get your work in on tine? Yes
5.Do you find your work interesting? Yes
6.Do you participate in class discussions? Yes
7.Do you try to sit towards the back of the classroom? No
8.When you have trouble with your work do you talk over the mattet with your teacher? Yes
9.Do you make a preliminary survey before reading a chapter in detail? Yes
10.Do you skip tables and graphs in your reading? No
11.Do you keep your notes for one subject all together? Yes
12.Do you usually take your lecture notes in outline form? Yes
13.Do you make simple charts, diagrams or tables of your own to summarize material in your reading? Yes
14.Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself in writing? No
15.If an examination is given unexpectedly do you fail or get a low mark? No
16.Do you sit up late preparation for an examination? No
17.Do you do most of your revision for a course the night before the examination? No
18.Do you get enough sleep? Yes
19.Do you have certain hours that you regularly spend in recreation? Yes
20.On your study desk is there a clear unlittered space about 2 feet by 4 feet? Yes


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