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The words that people use everyday determine whether they will achieve failure or success. There are few words that frequently show up in the conversation of losers, much more so than in that of winners. Here they are.


Luck/words to avoid
Luck has nothing to do with.
Believing in luck focuses your thoughts on an imaginary construct, that neither you nor anybody else can change or effect.
What is worse, luck is an excuse that explains away failure("It was just bad luck")
And devalues your success("It was just good luck")


enemy/words to avoid
It is true that you have competitors, and that sometimes, for you to win,they have to lose(and vice versa). Even so, there are no in studies.
Enemies are opponents in warfare, when people are killing one another. Studies is about making things better, not killing people.

rejection/words to avoid
Would it be nice if people always said yes to your ideas? Well, sometimes people aren't going to like your ideas or you personally for that matter.
You can pathologize such events by thinking of them as rejection, or you can understand that what really happened was that the other person's desires didn't match yours.
Rather than using a word that automatically makes youmiserable, concentrate on changing your approach or approaching somebody else

hate/words to avoid
At schools or classes it is usually something like, "I hate this teacher" or "I hate this subject".
Hate is really a sick word which ruins you mentally. You need not to be sweet and lovey-dovey about everything. But why pollute your brain by acrtually hating anything or anybody?


but/words to avoid
I'm sure you know somebody who can't say anything about any idea, plan or activity without crutching the sentence with the word but.
It is always something like, "Hey that is a great idea, but..." or "I agree that we need to study that,but....".
It is discouraging,and it kills momentum.
There is a substitute for but that actually creates momentum: the word "And". Try it next time a But is about to emerge from your mouth.