exam facingThis helps you calm down yourself for sure....

You are at one of the most important situations which may twist your future sometimes. But you should have an idea that, worried about the examination is useless, and studying the subject in a hurry is very ineffective.

Just before your examination
It is the time to mature your mind, into calm and quiet, so you can concentrate into examination easily.  You mustn't consider the examination as an unhappy work.So you can control your heart and
mind easily in the examination.

Your mind will often frighten you saying that you aren't prepared well. That plays the major role in affecting the best perfomance. First you should realize that it is a common thing faced by every students. Almost everyone's mind would frighten them. The winners are those who understand this truth and neglect such discouragments. 

Just before your examination

Even if you aren't really well prepared you can perform much better than what you expected when you stop hearing the mind which frightens. 

We normally knows  the format of the examination. Wether it is A/L or O/L you should plan it before exam. By being aware of the time you have to spend with every parts(part1, part2),you can control your time in the examination and you can reduce running out of time and stress.

Just before your examination
When answering question, you can have a look at all the questions and estimate the time needed for each question. You can choose to answer certain question first, if you think you can perform it better. This will help you reduce the stress usually we face at the beginning of the exams and then you can do other question in a better mentality.Though this is not practicable for MCQ.  
Don't lose more marks  and time in answering a question that you think you can't  perform well. Use more time to answer other questions. Read every quesrions carefully as you need not to spend time in reading the question more than 2 times. Becareful of the words like Underline, describe, elaborate...etc.. If you find a question that seems hard to answer, don't get tensed up, since high level of stress will affect your normal thinking.

Just before your examinationSo instead of worrying about the hard question, skip it and answer another question. When you have finished completely the questions which you could answer,go back to the left questions and think it again.

And make sure you have enough time to mark the MCQ answers on the answer sheet. 

Just before your examination

Physical health is an important thing to be cared. But don't be extremely careful!!! Just have the regular meals which would not bring sickness to you. Don't go trying for new type of healthy foods! Sudden changes may cause dangerous effects. 

Just before your examination

Finally, Some tips to prepare for an examination:

The day before:

  1. Check again the time and place of the examination centre.
  2. Check the stationary need in the examination and prepare it
  3. Sleep Early, don't think much about it.
  4. Revise your note once.
  5. Relax yourself

Just before your examination

Day for examination:

  1. Go out early so you will be less likely being affected by accidents / traffic jams.
  2. Take your breakfast before going out, energy is essential for good thinking.
  3. Some people prays thousand times just before the exam, even at the exam hall. This makes you feel nervous about the exams. Just try to be casual. And things would be done well.Just before your examination
  4. Stop looking at others when you are on your exams. "Oh.he writes faster than me ", "He seems to be writing perfect".Such utterings will rise in your mind and will knock you down. Strictly mind your own business at the exam hall. Tongue out
  5. And when you have finished your exam, don't stay there in exam hall to discuss the answers or don't go searching for answers to the teachers,internet or your notes untill all the subjects are finished.

Just before your examination 

Hope you all do well and come out with colors! We pray for you to get good percentage,rank and smile on your face. 

just before the examination

All the best guys!!!

Do well. Rest leave to God!

All is Well.