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You should pay careful attention to these aspects of the physical environment mentioned below,that you can control to make your studies perfect. These factors affect your learning efficiency of the extent of 5%-10%.

  • Where to study
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature
  • Study furniture
  • Noise and Work

physical environment of a good study room/where to study?

The place should contain the book and materials which are needed for your studies. Keep a quiet familiar place where the books and materials are to hand and don't have to be transported often here and there.

It may be difficult to find such place for them who live in lodgings with non-students. They may not realize your need. You may be distracted by noise or music. Or by the mere awareness that others are enjoying themselves while you are studying. Some may ask you to invovle in gossips and games. They are the worst enemies for your studies. Best way to avoid them is to put a timetable and set hours for your work and let your friends know what those hours are. Or going to a library is also a good solution.PicsArt 1354985248883

Your workspace/Study room should not contain a radio or PC to turn on; a photograph of a sweetheart to gaze upon, food and drink temptingly available or etc. Also it is easy to fall into a daydream.

physical environment of a good study room/lighting
Lighting should be perfect in your workspace. As it is an important factor that affects your performance. Light should be well distributed & there should not be a glare or sharp contrasts or shade. Even the sharp shades make you feel sleeppy.

Simply you should have a normal light for a general illumination & a desk lamp directly on your work.

physical environment of a good study room/ventilation
If a student shuts himself up in a room with no means of ventilation, the air gradually loses it's Oxygen& gains a corresponding volume of Carbon dioxide. After a time feels the usual effects of poor ventilation such as headache & nausea.
So keep the shutter or window opened of your studyroom and breathe the fresh air for the best performance.

physical environment of a good study room/temperature
Temperature in fact makes little difference to mental performance. We need to put more effort and feel more discomfort when we are studying under conditions of extreme heat or cold. So choose a good place with the temperature that suits to your body.PicsArt 1354985277814

physical environment of a good study room/study furniture
You can do a better work sitting upright ona hard chair than slumped in an easy chair or lying on a bed. It is because you can perform mental work much better when your whole body is slightly tensed.

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Study is best done while sitting at a desk or table and maintaining an erect posture. And to work for many hours, you should pay attention on the desk or table and chair's height and dimensions.

Desk or Table: Atleast 4 feet by 2 feet
Chair: Should be of such a height that your feet can be placed flat on the floor when your knees are at right angles.

physical environment of a good study room/noise and work
Distracting noises reduce performance. Loud, discontinuous noises are the worst. Luckily we do become habituated to the lower levels of noise and are able to shut them out from consciousness.

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Man-made noise also an important thing that troubles you. Wearing earplug is a better solution to stop hearing such distracting noises.

Click the link to read about earplugs--->What are earplugs?
And always try to choose a quiet place to study. As mental work is best performed under quiet conditions.


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