ExamStressOne of the big problem student’s face after coming home from the A/L exam is this.


One of the big problem student’s face after coming home from the A/L exam is this. 

As soon as finished the exam

"I did the exam well. Exam was not too hard."

After coming home

"I'm confused! I'm not sure whether I did the exam good or bad! I feel like I left some mistakes."

Today one of student who is doing A/L exams this time, contacted me and told me the same problem. This problem is one of the common problem most of the students face while their A/L.

If you are facing the same problem, then this is my advice to you from my 3A experience (in Bio stream).

A lie told often enough becomes the truth

As soon as you come home, you don't remember entirely what you did in the exam paper. You don't remember the whole question or the answer.

Because this A/L exam is so important to you, your mind starts to think about what happened at the exam. Because you don't remember everything about it, you start to think that "I may have wrote the answer wrong!"

That thinking goes on and on and you repeat that in your mind. Because you tell that lie often enough, again and again, you start to think it as a TRUTH. i.e "I may have wrote the answer wrong!" becomes "I wrote the answer wrong!"

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. That is a lie. So don't believe it!

Don’t dig the garbage - Past is past!

The exam is over. What you have to think about is your next exam. When you think about the past, it is like digging a garbage. It won't give anything good but the Bad smell.

"Looser worry about their past, winners use that time to be an expert.

Forget the past! Work hard! Be positive! Miracles happens every day!"

As I told above, mostly you would have done the exam very well. The biggest problem is your mind. So control it.

What if my answers are really wrong? Should I worry?

May be you might not have done the exam well! But believe me, it’s just one exam which you have finished. You have two more.

This is what happens if you WORRY and DON'T WORRY!

If you worry, for sure you will not do the following two exams well. So finally you will lose.

If you DON'T WORRY, you will do the rest of the exam well and you may get a good results in the next two exams and you may get the Faculty or University or whatever you want.

Any Tips to Get a good results?

Don’t correct your answers until your exam finishes. Correcting the answers is like digging a pit a pit and falling in to it. Don’t do it. After exams correct it after you receive trustworthy answers.

Believe yourself – That is what you need!

Believing your self is the most important thing now. Believe yourself that you can do it for sure. Never even think a little bit to give up. Study well as much as you can. Surely you can make it. Just believe yourself.

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My best Wishes. :)