dreamingGetting more sleepy on approaching the exams...?



It's a common problem of almost all the students. Especially on getting closure to the exams we tend to learn more and more.That's what we all wanna do but ultimately ending up with sleepiness. Isn't it?

Actually it's a case with our normal physiology. Brain needs a lot of ATP to function (ATP is the currency of energy). Brain uses ATP and converts it into ADP. ATP keeps the brain awake and body functioning. But once you start using ATP too rapidly, as while studying, a lot of ATP is converted into ADP. ADP, unlike ATP, can’t keep pace with the energy demands of the brain and brain functioning becomes dull and it becomes unable to stay awake and make decisions. This is when you start to sleep unintentionally.

But once you get a nap, the ADP is turned back into ATP. That’s why you feel fresh after a nap. Again this ATP is tuned into ADP and the cycle continues. 


Now let's get thinking about the solution for this!

Basically, it's according to my own experience + I'm still a student, so hope this will work out for you too. 

Avoid heavy meals. That's one basic thing we should follow in such periods.Eat nutritious, but reduce the carbohydrate content. Better avoid rice for dinner.

Keep away from fan. I know it's really hard for some people to turn off the fan. (Luckily, not for me! Tongue out) Fans put you to rest. At the point when solid wind from a table fan blows straightly in your face on a hot day like in these days, it’s just about like an exotic face rub. This makes you feel languid.

So make sure wind does not blow directly on your face if it's a table fan. I use it keeping it about 2 metres away from in minimum speed and placing it facing my back. Anyway, that differs person to person. Reduce the speed as much as possible. That's the summary.

Keep a good light source. That's an important point. The light of your study room should be focusing your table so that no shadows fall on the book while you are seated. Such Shadows also are sleep-stimulating factor. If you can't change the position of the ceiling light, then use a table lamp focusing your book.  

Do not lie on bed and study! 

Another thing I follow when I feel like I'm getting sleepy, I just immediately get up from the seat and do some active exercises. Do it till you put on sweating. And there you go to an active mode!

You can also get up and move around, have a little chat with family or friends and come back on time.

Get a cold shower! I can't recommend this to everyone. It depends on your body health condition. Basically, the cool temperature will improve the blood circulation in your body which will help you get a better concentration level than before.

Take a cup of coffee. Coffee helps in wakefullness.

Avoid studying theories (or whatever you feel boring) in the nights. Pick some interesting sections to fix for your night plans. I prefer physics questions.

Get yourself practiced to take catnaps. That really helps. The right opposite happens if you try to sum up all the naps into big daytime sleep and you'll end up having a less effective day.

Early to bed and early to rise! Early morning is the best time to study I would say. It worths a almost a daytime work getting up late. 

'Research has supported the fact that if a person studies for at least two hours in the early morning, his level of concentration increases. Your concentration level will increase to the extent that your two hours of studying will equal other peoples’ six hours of studying, the reason being that your mind is fresh in the morning after night sleep and both your mind and body act swiftly in the morning, thus helping in increasing the concentration level.'

You may feel like "It's not possible to do this all at once, I'll try a little by little". Say NO to that thought. Beleive thta you can do it and go for it. Go to bed early. Plan precisely on what you are gonna do from the moment you get up and have peacefull sleep. Get up early. I prefer 10 p.m to 4 a.m.

And another thing i do once in a while is, changing my studying spot. That really helped.

And drink more and more water. It always helps.

And one last thing but not the least is, Study with us! yes, the ISR. Whenever you feel like you wanna beat sleep, you can come online and have some discussions with Us in forum. That'd also be refreshing. But keep everything organized with time. Don't let yourself online too much.