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Everyone in this world has goals in their lives as you do. When you travel in that journey to the "goal", you will face lots of distractions which would affect you from achieving it.

For example if you are a student, your goal is to pass in the exam with best results.
The distractions you might be facing are could be, useless Phone calls from friends, Facebook, unnecessary works like watching tv, watching films without limit etc.

time waste

These distraction will swallow the time period which you have to do your studies. You will lose all your study time period in useless things and finally you will lose in that exam without the best results you could have preformed.

time waste-2



Hmmm.... How to solve this problem?
How to be stay away from such distractions?
It's really a problem which should be solved. Right?


We have the solution.



imagine a piece of paper.
Draw a square in that.
Divide that square into four small squares.

Square no.1 is
-Important & argent

Square no. 2
-Important, but not argent.

Square no. 3
-Not important, but argent

Square no.4
-Not important & not argent.
time management



We can divide those kind of distractions into 4 types (types as in the squares).

First type is square (quadrant) no.1

-This is the important and urgent quadrant.
-This is where you find the crises, projects close to their deadlines, urgent problems and so on.
-The strategy: Do Now!
-It needs to be done, and it needs to be done fast!

Imagine that you are getting a phone call from your school principal or university lecturer. But you are studying while he calls.
It's really a distraction to your studies although you have to attend the call as soon as you get it. You can't omit it because the call is from a special person and the message will be important and more valuable for you. So you have to answer the call URGENTLY and speak to him.
This type of distractions are 1st type.

Second type is square (quadrant) no. 2

-This is important, but not urgent.
-The strategy: Schedule time.
-It needs to be done, plan time to do it before it gets urgent.

imagine that you asked a help from your friend while ago, which is very important help from him. And imagine that you are studying now. Your phone started to ring and its you friend.
You don't have to answer the call as soon as possible while you are studying. But you can give your friend a call after you finish your main purpose, studying.
So these types of distractions are important, but not urgent. In this category we can include many cases in our life.

Third type is square no.3

-It is urgent, but not important.
-This is where you find most interruptions, some meetings, other people chores.
-The strategy: Delegate.
-It needs to be done fast, but are you the one that needs to do it?

Facebook is mainly this category. Often your mind will force you to go to Facebook and your mind will make it urgent even when it is not important. "I'm going to spend only ten minutes in Facebook" you will whisper and when you go to it, you will lose your time without knowing. I.e the 10 minutes will grow into hours.

Fourth type is square no.4

-It neither important nor urgent
-This is where you find pass-times, some phone calls (you know them), the “too much” activities (too much television, too much internet).
-The strategy: Eliminate And why were you doing this again?


time management-2 


Square no.1 is something however you must do or face urgently.
But square no.2 is important, but not urgent.

Square no.3 & 4 are not important and this is where you will find you losing your time period for useless things. If you lose too much of your time period in this, you will not have time for do square no.2's works.
Eventually you will have to spent the time for square no.2 from the time period which is separated to achieving your goal.
When you lose your time-period which is separated to your goals and aim, the major part of your life, at the end you will have to lose.

What should I do to get escape from such problems?

First clearly study the distraction which you face in your day-to-day life. The interruption or distractions may differ a person to person. So study the distractions what you face and clearly identify and categories them.
Say "No" to square no 3 & 4. Say no to useless phone calls, over time internet, films and so on.
Say no for them means "Yes" to your goal. You will achieve it.

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