I have tried many ways to type Tamil and these are the ones which is really easy to use, comparing to other softwares and methods.

      1. PC - Google Tamil input for Windows.
        1. Downloading the software.
        2. Installing the software.
        3. Switching between languages.
      2. Android - Sellinam Tamil keyboard.
        1. Downloading and Installing.
        2. Configuring the software.
        3. Sellinam keyboard.
        4. Sellinam keyboard tips.
      3. Online Tool


  1. PC - Google Tamil input for Windows. 

    1. Downloading the software.

      - To download the software go to the following link: Click here
      - Check "Tamil & I agree to the Google..." check boxs.
      - Click Download.

    2. Installing the software.

      - Just follow the instructions on the screen.
    3. Switching between languages.

      - To change the language in between Tamil and English, press alt + Shift
      When you change the language to Tamil, you will be able to notice it in the down right corner of the screen as following image.

  2. Android - Sellinam Tamil keyboard

    1. Downloading and Installing.

      - Open Play store in your android device and search "Sellinam"!

      - Install and open the software.
    2. Configuring the software.

      - Open the software and follow the instructions to enable the Keyboard.
      i. enable Sellinam in languages and output. 
      Click the check box near sellinam. 
      (You can find languages and output in your phone settings.)

      ii. Change Input method to Sellinam

      - Click finishe when you finish it.

    3. Sellinam Keyboard.

      - When you click on a text area Sellinam keyboard will appear.

      - You have 3 input methods in Sellinam keyboard. You can switch between them by clicking on the "மு" button. 
      1. English Keyboard.
        - This is the typical english keyboard where you will be able to type english as usual.

      2. English to Tamil.
        - By this option, you can type tamil words in english.
         eg: When you type "ilangai", it will become "இலங்கை".

      3. Tamil Keyboard.
        This keyboard has Tamil letters.

    4. Sellinam keyboard tips.

      • la = ல
      • lA = லா
      • La = ள
      • LA = ளா
      • za/Za = ழ
      • zA/ZA = ழா

  3. Online Tool - Tamil Changathi.

    - If you don't won't to install any softwares and if you just want to type Tamil very quickly, then this online tool will help you.
    - Go to following website and follow the instructions. : Click here


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